Tower arch, N capital from SE.

Image of the feature "Tower/Transept arches: Tower arch" at Garton-on-the-Wolds.

by Rita Wood.

The jambs and capitals of the tower arch remain but have been raised later and given a pointed arch. Even at first the tower arch was tall and wide, though the arch was probably not highly decorated, to judge by the capitals. The opening is of two orders. The first order has: a plain plinth; on the side to the nave a base with a double torus; coursed half-column; to the tower, a plain pilaster. The ring and capitals to N and S are the same: a cable ring; a double scallop capital to N and S, and a  single scallop to E.  These scallops are even less pronounced than those on the W doorway. The impost seems to be original, and, again like the W doorway, it has the merest hint of a hollow chamfer; there is a quirk on the angle and plain above. Higher work is later. See Comments/Opinions.


width of opening at ground level 3.1m