Corbel NN 10.

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Corbels on N wall of nave" at Garton-on-the-Wolds.

by Rita Wood.

N wall of nave 

Bay 1

NN1 and NN2:  Animal masks with plenty of teeth; NN1 has its teeth apart, NN2 shows its tongue between them.

NN3:  A human-like face, but with pointed ears, compare NN2. Two delicate hands clasp the mouth or neck.

NN4:  A head similar to CS 1.

NN5:  A mask similar to NN2, but with mouth shut.

NN6:  A mask with open mouth.

Bay 2

NN7:  A muzzled mask.

NN8:  A mask with mouth perhaps held open by two small hands and arms. It has no teeth and something in its mouth. Tongue? Human face?

NN9:  The main face shows an animal coming from the L, with its two front legs across the stone, and a lance coming from upper R to enter its mouth. The E face of the corbel shows the animal complete, it is a winged dragon, perhaps with further coils of its body on the downward face of the corbel. The W face of the corbel shows an armed man, forcing the lance into the mouth of the dragon and holding a conical shield in his L hand. There could be a wing on his back; the clothing is odd, he could be almost naked, except the raised R arm has a wide sleeve. This corbel could have been copied as CS11.

NN10:  The figure of a man facing R extends over the main face and the downward face of the corbel. He appears to be naked, and perhaps he has his mouth open, as if shouting. He has his R arm raised, this is on the E face, where an animal faces away from the man and towards the church. On the W face, the other hand of the man is also raised, it is holding a small roundish object. An animal with two round ears, two front paws and perhaps two back legs, not clearly preserved, faces the man.

NN11:  A mask

NN12:  On the main face, a man with an axe leans over from the L; he stands on the E face wearing a tunic. At the bottom of the main face and on the downward surface, are the legs and bodies of two people, which continue onto the W face, where they embrace.

Bay 3

NN13-16:  Masks. NN16 has an odd chin, is it a beard, or something hanging out of the mouth?

NN17:  A symmetrical pattern formed of sparsely foliated trails.

NN18:  A mask with pointed head.