Interior, nave to W showing tower arch

Image of the feature "Tower/Transept arches: Tower arch" at Ickford.

by Ron Baxter.

Pointed, 2 orders.  This is largely obscured by the wooden W gallery, but the arch profile is visible at the apex, and the 1st-order arch supports and their capitals are visible under the gallery.  The arch has two plain chamfered orders to E and W, with a roll label on the E face towards the nave.  The 1st order capitals are carried on slender, detached en-delit shafts.  Only the N base is visible, and is waterholding with a broad bottom roll and a slender necking, like those on the S doorway.  The S base is concealed by a cupboard.  The N capital is circular in plan with a concave bell, crudely carved in bold relief with a row of vertical spatulate leaves with nailhead along the spines.  They extend from the roll necking to the top of the bell, where there is a thin roll and a quirked hollow chamfer.  The S capital is similar but without the nailhead ornament.