Great Tower, interior to W

Image of the feature "Blind arcades: (i) Great Hall, W wall" at Chepstow Castle, Chepstow.

by Ron Baxter.

4 bays, round-headed. There are four deep niches separated by piers with chamfered imposts and bases carrying plain, square-section arches.  Bases and imposts are worn, and there is no sign of any carved decoration on the bases.  The best-preserved of the imposts is between bays 1 and 2 (counting from the left).  This has a row of single cable on the edge between face and chamfer, with thin rolls above and below it.  Another thin roll appears to mark the upper edge of the face.  The thin rolls, but not the cable moulding, also survive on the impost of the left respond of the arcade; the third impost may be a replacement, being plain chamfered and in a different stone, and the two northernmost imposts are too badly eroded for details of decoration to survive.  The piers and responds are of the yellow sandstone blocks used on the exterior buttresses.  Sufficient painted decoration survives within the niches to show that their back and side walls were originally coated with white plaster, with a band of red paint just above impost level on the rear walls decorated with a white trellis design.  This scheme has been reconstructed in the easternmost bay of the south wall arcade (see below).