Great Tower doorway, upper levels from NE

Image of the feature "Doorways: Great Tower E doorway" at Berkeley Castle.

by Ron Baxter.

In its present state the outer order arch, including the label and the right jamb are original 12thc work, and the jambs of the interior face of the doorway also contain some 12thc carved stone.  At some time, probably in the 13thc or 14thc, the doorway was reduced in size by inserting a plain, continuously chamfered, round-headed opening and a lintel made from reused corbels above it; the tympanum area and spandrels being infilled with dark red sandstone blocks.  The plain left jamb of the doorway is of similar blocks, and appears to have been rebuilt at the same time.  It seems fair to assume that the left jamb was originally similar to the right. The door way is well above the pavement, being accessed by three steps.


Height of 2nd order arch (inner radius) 1.05m
Height of door sill above pavement 0.55m
Height of doorway (2nd order arch inner apex to door sill) 3.45m
Width of chevron arch (inner diameter) 2.30m