Treasury loose stone 1 (lintel or frieze section)

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: 1. Lintel or frieze section" at Berkeley Castle.

by Ron Baxter.

An approximately cuboidal sandstone block mounted on brackets on the wall.  As displayed the upper surface is rough – either broken or unfinished – the back could not be examined, and the other surfaces are tooled.  The centre of the lower back edge is chamfered with plain triangular chamfer-stops at each end.  The font face is carved in bold relief with a row of three vertical almond-shaped recesses with circular recesses above them, and part of a fourth similar motif cut off by the right end of the block. All recesses are framed by plain, narrow borders.  Alternating with these motifs are palmettes carved in relief, and below each palmette is a concave-sided vertical rectangle decorated with a row of vertical beading.  The block has a vertical crack running along the left edge of the central recess.


Length of chamfer 0.36m
Max. depth of block 0.23m
Max. height of block 0.40m
Max. length of block 0.75m