Font from E

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font under tower" at Ackworth.

by Rita Wood.

At the base of the W tower is the bowl of a font, possibly of the C11th or C12th. It is carved from even-grained grey sandstone. Found in a garden where it had been used as a bird bath (Saywell et al., n.d., 2). It is rectangular in plan. The sides are approximately vertical and the lower corners roughly chamfered as if to fit an octagonal base or stem. The bowl now rests on an upturned quatrefoil base, which sits in turn on an octagonal base. There is no lead lining, but a drain and stopper are fitted in the bowl.

There are break marks on the rim in the centre of the longer sides. The rim is smooth and its angle has a narrow chamfer, clearest on the E and N faces. On the E and N sides, the upper parts are smooth with occasional random marks. On the W and S sides, the upper part has an incised line parallel to the top, apparently made by joining isolated punched holes. Most of this surface has been heavily re-tooled with a wide chisel, and indeed there are patches of different toolings throughout. The inside of the basin has a rough floor, and the sides show yet other toolmarks. 


depth of bowl 0.26m
dimensions of basin estimated approx. 0.6m by 0.53m
h. of bowl 0.44 m
thickness of walls approx. 0.11m
w. of rectangle E-W 0.7 to 0.75m
w. of rectangle N-S 0.825m