Nave, S arcade, pier 3, NE angle, King's head.

Image of the feature "Arcades: Nave, S arcade" at Abbeyknockmoy.

by Hazel Gardiner.

Of four bays, with deep piers.

E respond: plain, chamfered. The impost has a long, hollow chamfer.

Pier 1: missing

Pier 2, E face: the impost is of the profile roll, flat, nook roll and overhanging lip.

Pier 2, W face: the impost is of the profile, long hollow chamfer, small flat, overhanging lip. Inverted stop-chamfers on the angles.

Pier 3, E face: the impost has a hollow chamfer, a row of cable moulding followed by a band of shallow-carved, clasped lozenges, a three-quarter roll then an overhanging roll with a fillet. A crowned head is carved on the NE angle. The head has delicate features, large eyes within carefully delineated lids and brow, a fine row of curls across his forehead, and longer curling hair extending onto the jambs. The nose, and the lower part of the face has broken away.

Pier 3, W face: the impost has a hollow chamfer, flat, small roll, hollow, faceted roll. At the top of the chamfer on the NW two beasts are carved with a shared head (very damaged) on the angle. The claws and tail of the beast on the W face may be seen. There is a large foliate stop-chamfer on the SW angle.

W Respond: as Pier 2, W face. The angles have inverted stop chamfers. There is a small foliate stop-chamfer on the SE angle.