Sculptured shaft from SE with top half of E face lit to show cross.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Shaft: 1. E face" at Barnburgh / Barnbrough.

by Rita Wood.

The shaft is in two pieces, joined. It has been erected in the N arcade with its E face close to the W side of the pier

The shaft is not quite square in section, being slightly wider on the W and E faces. Its overall form is architectural, there is a moulded plinth and each angle has a base, column, necking and elongated capital surviving, though decayed. The shaft tapers slightly until just below the top, where foliage and architectural detail swell to emphasise the termination.

The remains lack the very top, which is worn but looks unlikely ever to have been flat. There is loss also where the two stones have been joined about half-way down; here it can be seen from the discrepancy in the pattern on the W face that about 0.07 to 0.08m (3 inches) is missing. This loss reduces the solemnity of the standing figures on the N and S faces, and makes the worn remains on the E side even harder to evaluate.

The E face is generally the most worn, though at the bottom the survival of the foliage pattern is very good. At the top of the E face is a tall cross with splayed arms and foliage in the quadrants. Between the cross and the foliage at the bottom, Ryder identifies a standing figure in a long gown. The loss at the break here cuts through the neck and chest of the standing figure.

Measurements are taken from Ryder 1991.


Height as seen 2.0m
Plinth 0.38m x 0.34m