Sculptured shaft from S

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Shaft: 2. S face" at Barnburgh / Barnbrough.

by Rita Wood.

The composition is similar to the N face with a standing figure in the top two-thirds. The cowl is thrown back and the head bare; he has a tonsure. Above the head are two units of a pattern like that on the W face; these have foliage designs in them. A stole, or the border of a robe, is shown crossing the breast. The man holds a book resting open on his left arm and the right hand lies in on the open pages; the hand is small, and was never large. Below the break, the skirt of his long robe is shown, and two small feet pointing downwards. A three-strand plait, arising from mouldings below the pillar bases, fills the shaft below this figure. The spaces in the plait are filled with foliage fans or domes. The carving survives well here and the forms are rounded and bold.