St Mary, Odstock, Wiltshire

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The chancel was rebuilt in the 1870s but the nave and the west tower belong to the 13th and 14thc.  The only potentially 12thc. carvings are two eroded blocks set on either side of the arch in the N wall of the N porch.


The lord of the manor in 1086 Brictric brother of Alwy was the value recorded in Domesday Book was £10. The church was valued at £ 6. 13s. 4d. in the 1291 Taxatio.


Loose Sculpture

Sculpture in N wall of porch

There are two stones, on either side of the arch in the north wall of the porch, set at ground level. They are crude and very eroded but could belong to the 12thc.


E stone, depth 0.21 m
E stone, height 0.22 m
E stone, width 0.28 m
W stone, depth 0.20 m
W stone, height 0.41 m
W stone, width 0.21 m

E stone

A crude animal with thin legs, a large mouth with large teeth and prominent nostrils.

W stone

This appears to be a pair of figures, or a two-headed figure as there appears to be only one pair of legs on the sculpture.  None of the surface detail has survived. 


Pevsner notes the chancel must have been Norman, due to the one N window.


  • N. Pevsner and B. Cherry, Buildings of England: Wiltshire. Harmondsworth 1975, 2nd edition, 365.


Site Location
National Grid Reference
SU 152 261 
now: Wiltshire
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Wiltshire
medieval: Salisbury
now: Salisbury
now: St Mary
medieval: St Mary
Type of building/monument
Parish church  
Report authors
Allan Brodie 
Visit Date
28 July 1995