St Andrew, Landford, Wiltshire

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This small church now consists of a chancel with a vestry, a nave and a S and N transept. The W end of the church is adorned with a polygonal bell turret. From the Norman church remain the arch of the N doorway with early 12th-century detailing, and a fine but eroded Romanesque carved panel reset in a wall by the N door.


The Domesday Survey records Landford being held by Oda, whose father held it at the time of Edward the Confessor. There was a mill, pasture and woodland, and the whole was assesed at 15s. No church mentioned.


Exterior Features


North Doorway of Nave

The door has a single order of crude volute capitals and abaci that probably date from the early 12th century. However, the door opening, arch and jambs appear to date from the 19th century. The capitals have simple volutes and shallow incised decoration defining other leaf forms. The abaci are decorated with a crude diaper pattern.

Buckler illustrated the doorway in the early 19th century (volume VIII, plate 71). It had broadly the same detailing as the current doorway though it was shown as narrower than the present opening.

Height of abaci 0.13m
Height of capitals 0.27m (incl. 0.03m high necking)
Lenght of abaci 0.40m
Width of capitals 0.20m

Interior Features

Interior Decoration


Reset Carved Stonework

Above the interior of the N door there is a 12th-century sculpted panel. Beneath a pair of arches are two figures together holding a tall shaft with a cross at its top. The figure on the R is nimbed, probably Christ. The scene has been tentatively identified as the Invention of the Cross by St Helena and dated to c1130.

Height 0.73m
Width 0.51m


The church was almost entirely rebuilt in 1858 to designs by William Butterfield. In 1882 he raised the vestry to create a N transept.


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Site Location
National Grid Reference
SU 261 202 
now: Wiltshire
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Wiltshire
medieval: Old Sarum
now: Salisbury
medieval: St Andrew
now: St Andrew
Type of building/monument
Parish church  
Report authors
Allan Brodie 
Visit Date
5 June 1996