N arcade, pier 1 capitals from SW

Image of the feature "Nave: N arcade" at Little Dunmow.

by Ron Baxter.

5 bays with pointed arches. The arcade is carried on clustered piers of eight elements with thick shafts on the cardinal points and thinner ones on the diagonals (this arrangement is halved for the E and W responds of the arcade). The shafts on each pier are alternately plain and keeled, and the alternating keeling system itself alternates from pier to pier. Capitals are described individually below but include volute crockets, waterleaf and upright proto stiff-leaf forms and have plain roll neckings.  Bases are attic with deep, water-holding hollows, and imposts are circular in plan and quirked hollow chamfered.  The arches are basically of three orders to correspond with the capitals.