Corbels seen from S aisle: corbel 4

Image of the feature "Interior Features: Corbels at present seen inside church in S aisle, see Interior" at Felkirk.

by Rita Wood.

There are six corbels located above a 13thc. arcade of three bays and more widely spaced than corbels of a typical 12thc. corbel table. Their profile is a quadrant section, a profile usually associated with late 12thc. or 13thc. corbels. There is carving on the curved face of five of the corbels, reminiscent of Romanesque forms. The first four carvings (from the L or W) are men’s heads, some with their head on their hands, the fourth man has with an elaborate arrangement of moustache and forked beard. The fifth corbel has a small incised drawing of a man’s head in the middle of the curved field. The sixth corbel is plain.