Grave slab.

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Grave slab; coffin, no lid" at Felkirk.

by Rita Wood.

Outside against the S wall of the nave are two items:

 (i)  the major part of a grave slab, having a ‘cross’ with scrolled feet, and what may be a cabled or notched stem and a rosette head. Ryder 1991, 24, no.1. ,with an illustration, identifies the large cross slab of brown gritstone ‘now lying outside the south wall of the south aisle’ as probably mid- to late 12thc. 

Dimensions: length of slab: 1.73m; diameter of rosette  0.33m

(ii) a stone coffin in a shelly Jurassic limestone (Ryder 1991, 24). It has a drainage hole and has been broken into two pieces.

Dimension: length of coffin: 2.15m.