Font, bowl, E face.

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Cambridge.

by Ron Baxter.

At the W end of the nave, a square bowl on a columnar stand of ashlar blocks. The base has a roll necking above a low roll. The basin has a circular roll necking too. It is decorated with mermen at the angles, with forked tails, which they hold out on either side to form curves, which meet at the centre of each face of the bowl. Above this, in the upper centre of each face, is a pair of fluted leaves. The upper rim has a roll edge. There is a repair to the rim at the SE corner involving a new head for the merman and sections of cable moulding on the rim. The interior is circular and lead lined.


h. of bowl 0.43 m
internal diam. 0.56 m
overall h. of font 1.03 m
w. (E-W) 0.70 m
w. (N-S) 0.69 m