Image of the feature "III. Exterior Features: 4. Other: Carved stone" at Ballyconnell (Tomregan).

by Rachel Moss.

The triangular stone is carved with a male exhibitionist figure. There is a large head at the apex (h.0.3m) with a broken nose, high cheek bones and large, projecting ears. The face has a long jaw line and protruding upper lip. McNab points out the presence of a long, upward curling moustache, although this is hard to discern. The figure's shoulders are hunched up close to the face, and the long thin arms form a type of hood mould. The carving around the hands is worn, but individual fingers can still be made out. Features beneath the hands have been variously interpreted as snapping animal heads and skull-like heads. The figure's widely splayed legs are carved in very low relief with small pointed feet and straddle a round-headed opening. There is a narrow rebate around the opening and genitalia hang down at its apex. The opening splays from 0.21 m to 0.34 m toward the back, implying that the figure originally occupied the exterior of a window.


d. 0.33 m
h. 0.58 m
w. 0.89 m