N doorway

Image of the feature "Doorways: N doorway" at Easington.

by Nicola Lowe.

The arch of the N nave doorway is slightly pointed and is formed of eight voussoirs, two large at L and R, four smaller at the apex; its lower front edge is chamfered. The remains of a thick, round label survive around the apex, broken off at L and R before the springing. The arch springs from asymmetric rectangular imposts, the L unfinished, the R narrower, shallower and slightly lower set, both decorated with quatrefoils with pointed petals. The jambs are the same on either side: four large, rectangular blocks, their inside front edge chamfered.

The front face of the L impost is unfinished: faint incisions suggest blocking-out for two rows of quatrefoils enclosed within a border. Two only are completed, at bottom R, each with four pointed petals, their stalks forming a saltire cross at the centre, the indents between forming a diamond. A pellet within a diamond separates the two quatrefoils. An unfinished border of two rolls separated by a quirk runs along the bottom edge with the slight remains of a chamfer beneath. The L return features the same blocking-out lines but only one quatrefoil is completed, at bottom L, the corner petals meeting those of front at the angle. The unfinished area at R is occupied by an incised cross pommy using the blocking-out lines as arms. Two similar, smaller crosses are inscribed alongside. The lower border is complete, continuing from front and ending in a narrow, vertical strip, at R. This is damaged and unfinished but was possibly originally chamfered.  

The front face of the R impost features a central band of five quatrefoils, each with four pointed petals, similar to those on L but with no dividing pellet and less defined leaf stems, contained within flat borders. The top border is unfinished: it has a rounded top edge and a quirk at the bottom. The lower border has a fine roll and quirk at both top and bottom with a chamfered edge beneath. The far R area is unfinished and broken at the end. In the R return the decoration continues as if wrapped around from the front. Borders top and bottom enclose three quatrefoils, the corner petals meeting those of front at the angle. Slight remains of chamfered edge beneath are visible. The end of the block is broken at far L.


Height of L impost front face 0.17m
Height of opening 1.90m
Height of R impost front face 0.14m
Height of R impost side return 0.15m
Width of L impost front face 0.39 m
Width of opening 0.95 m
Width of R impost front face 0.41m
Width of R impost side return 0.22m