nave arcade, chevron-decorated pier

Image of the feature "Arcades: nave arcades" at Dunfermline Abbey.

by James King.

(piers numbered W of crossing piers)

SW tower pier. On E, S and W sides combination of half-shaft on face of pilaster, flanked on each side by a set-back half roll; towards central vessel, plain face with no engaged shafts or pilasters.

Other Romanesque arcade piers of cylindrical form (3rd, 4th and 5th renewed in mid-nineteenth century).

1st pier on each side (now engaged with walls of early nineteenth-century parish church vestibules) decorated with spiralling pattern of sunk roll mouldings.

2nd pier west on each side decorated with a chevron pattern of sunk hollows, with arrow-head or leaf motif at angles of chevron.

All piers with octagonal cushion caps below abaci with quirk between two faces.

Bases have compressed roll below a chamfer, above square sub-bases that rise from bottom chamfer.

Round arcade arches of two orders.

1st order, soffit half-roll flanked first by sunk three-quarter rolls and then by segmental hollow towards the central vessel, but chamfer towards the aisle.

2nd order, pair of sunk rolls to soffit, and on side towards central vessel segmental hollow to face, framed by label moulding. Exceptionally, in S arcade 3rd to 6th bays, second order towards aisle has simple rectangular profile.