Image of the feature "III. Exterior Features: 1. Doorways: N nave doorway" at Preston.

by Jon Turnock.

An exceptionally plain doorway of one order that is devoid of carved decoration except for the semi-circular tympanum. This is sculpted in the likeness of the Agnus Dei. The lamb is shown in profile with its front left hoof raised to support the cross. In this case, it is a cross pattée contained within a roundel atop a pole. The lamb is carved in relatively high relief with an element of plasticity. It has an incised almond-shaped eye and a small ear. The surrounding voussoirs are plain and carved from the same stone as the tympanum (‘dummy voussoirs’).

The interior face of the doorway is devoid of carved detail besides the chamfered angles of the jambs.


Height of opening (ext.) 1.99 m
Height of opening to lintel (int.) 2.085 m
Height of tympanum inc. dummy voussoirs (ext.) 0.67 m
Height to apex of arch (int.) 2.57 m
Thickness of tympanum 0.225 m
Width of opening (ext.) 0.90 m
Width of opening (int.) 1.055 m
Width of tympanum (ext.) 1.22 m