Font view from above

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Gerrans.

by Andrew Beard.

The Norman font is thought to date from the mid-12thc., and is a simplified version of the Bodmin type. The bowl is square on the outside and circular on the inside. Each face of the bowl has an arcade of four round-headed arches in shallow relief. It is entirely constructed of granite. The bowl is set on a thick round central shaft; this now rests on a square base, which is thought to date from the Victorian restoration scheme, as may the four narrow pillars at the corners. 


Diameter of central shaft 31cm
Diameter of outer pillars 8cm
Height of base 29cm
Height of bowl 27cm
Height of central shaft and pillars 34cm
Internal depth of bowl 22cm
Internal diameter of bowl 51cm
Width of base 63.5cm
Width of bowl at bottom 57cm
Width of bowl at top 60cm