S doorway

Image of the feature "III. Exterior Features: 1. Doorways: S doorway" at Manaccan.

by Andrew Beard.

The doorway has three orders. The jambs and (restored) imposts are part of the Norman build, but the arch, with its curious fluted voussoirs, has been remodelled.

First order:

This has damaged plinths and bases, nook shafts, scalloped capitals with plain neckings and square and chamfered imposts, possibly replacements. The label is mostly lost, except on the far right-hand side. The fluted voussoirs terminate in an angle roll at the leading edge.

Second order:

This repeats the elements of the first order.

Third order

This again repeats the elements of the first and second orders, but above the capitals--which now lack imposts--is an arch of plain voussoirs with a chamfered leading edge. Above the arch  is a reset corbel and cross, both roughly carved or damaged. 


Height of capitals 0.25 m
Height to top of arch 0.261 m
Height to top of capitals 0.183 m
Internal width between jambs 0.92 m
Overall width of arch 0.208 m
Width of jambs 0.35 m