Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Carved Romanesque fragments" at Bakewell.

by Olivia Threlkeld.

1. Fragments in N aisle

In the W end of the North aisle is a collection of fragments of Norman stone, amongst which are three capitals:

Capital 1: Ornamented double scallop on half octagonal inset shaft.

H: 0.31m W: 0.23m

Capital 2: Volute capital and mask, top of a pillar piscina. Small mask. Square onto except for rebate - probably for a lid.

H: 0.21m W: 0.27m

Capital 3: Corner shaft capital (upside down) .Interlaced arcading, rounder than nailhead - ‘peas in a pod’.

H: 0.21m W: 0.29m

There is also a fragment of chevron, which comes to a point with a coped top: 0.38m x 0.35m

2. Fragments in S porch

A large collection of carved Romanesque fragments, both architectural and of tombstones, though chiefly the latter, is housed in the S porch.  These were discovered during the restoration of 1841-51.  Cox counted "upwards of sixty-five" complete or fragmentary tomb slabs in the porch, and states that at least fifty five others were removed to the Lamberdale Museum (these could be the fragments now stated in the porch to be displayed at the Peak National Park).  He also points out that a very considerable number more were reused as mere masonry.  Most of the pieces are of slabs originally laid horizontally on the ground, and are of the 12thc; although a few of the simplest incised crosses may be 11thc (either pre- or post-Conquest), and the examples in which the foliated cross-head is cut, in low relief, within a sunken circle, 0.01  - 0.02m deep, could be either late 12thc or from the first half of the 13thc.  The various pieces are neatly arranged in rows against the E and W walls of the porch, separated by horizontal timber beams.

On the W side this fieldworker counted 25 Romanesque cross-slabs, tombs and fragments above the beams and 20 below.

Among the fragments noted are 5 capitals in the porch, descriptions starting from L to R:

Capital 1: Double scallop capital, inset capital for a nook-shaft. Plain impost.

Capital 2: Row of globes around the top, single scallop, rope decoration around the bottom..

Capital 3: Square capital.

Capital 4: Double scallop capital.

Capital 5: Single scallop capital.

Other fragments include:

Various carvings of evangelists.

A fragment with chip-carved saltire and half saltire crosses.

A head, complete with hair, eyes and partial nose. H: 0.15m W: 0.16m.