N Arcade, Pier 4, capital

Image of the feature "Nave: N arcade" at Hallaton.

photographer not known.

The N arcade consists of five bays: the three W bays are late Romanesque, except for the first arch which was extended in the 13thc. Short circular piers with square abaci. The capitals are square. Piercapital: more complex waterleaf, and foliage on the S side; split leaves with cusped terminals scrolling inwards between the waterleaf on the corners. Pier 4 capital: simple waterleaf. W respond capital, of multi-scallop design, hyphenated with shields defined by a groove; pyramidal wedges, with a deep central groove, between the cones. The S arcade E respond has a Transitional capital with small upright leaves on stalks.


Depth of capitals 0.75 m
Height of capitals 0.32 m
Height of W respond capital 0.32 m
Width of capitals 0.75 m
Width of W respond capital 0.55 m