Font, bowl, bay 2.

Image of the feature "V. Furnishings: 1. Fonts: " at Ilam.

by Ron Baxter.

Located at the W end of the nave. A tub-shaped bowl on a modern shaft and step. The bowl is arcaded in six bays carved in relief, with round-headed arches carried on fictive shafts with capitals and simple bases with plain necking rolls. Each arch encloses a figure or pair of figures. In the descriptions that follow, bays are numbered from left to right (anticlockwise around the bowl) beginning at the E.

Bay 1 (E): A pair of frontal human figures; a man on the left and a woman (with breasts) on the right. She is taller than he is, and inclines her head towards him. Both wear belted tunics with skirts that reveal their lower calves and feet. He raises his right hand and holds her right hand with his left; while her left hand is at her belt. Style is simple and schematic, and facial features are simply carved back into the plane of the block. Eyes are drilled. The shaft to the left of this bay is decorated with a vertical row of beading between two fillets. The capital has a cable necking and simplified scallops. The shaft to the right is carved with a pair of nebuly mouldings, defining elongated oval fields between them. Its capital is a triple scallop with wedges between the cones and dished shields, and a plain necking.

Bay 2: Agnus Dei walking right, with a bird facing right perched on the head of the cross. The shaft to the left of this bay is shared with the right shaft of bay 1; that to the right has three vertical fillets and a capital similar to the right capital of bay 1.

Bay 3: A fierce quadruped, in right profile with its head turned back. In its mouth it holds a human head between pointed teeth. The right hand shaft is decorated with inscribed lines in a lattice pattern. The capital is a triple scallop with conical wedges between the cones and a cable necking.

Bay 4: A standing, frontal figure with hands clasped together at its waist. The head is large, and is carved with a tragic mouth, broad nose and circular drilled eyes. There is a cap of hair. The shaft to the right is decorated with a single spiral, and its capital is a double scallop with a wedge between the cones and a cable necking.

Bay 5: A standing, frontal male figure in a belted tunic, his hands at his sides. Features are simple, with drilled eyes. The shaft to the right is plain; its capital worn and perhaps similar to the right capital of bay 4, but with a plain necking.

Bay 6: As bay 3. Both shafts have been described elsewhere.

The bowl has rim repairs at the E and W, and is lined with lead.


ext. diam. at rim 0.80 m
h. of bowl 0.58 m
h. of bowl and shaft 1.03 m
int. diam. at rim 0.61 m
max. circum. of bowl 2.60 m