High cross, E face, base and plinth.

Image of the feature "Other: Cross" at Dysert O'Dea.

by Tessa Garton.

In a field to the E of the church is a cross, raised on a tall square plinth and with a chamfered base cut to allow the addition of later inscriptions recording repairs. Made of two sections of grey limestone. The lower section of the shaft is trimmed at the top, and the two sections of shaft do not fit exactly. Harbison (1992, 83; 1996, 338) suggested that the two sections were not originally designed as a unit, although they appear to be products of the same workshop. The cross head has arms connected by a hollow curve with rolls set in hollows and is topped by a (modern) pyramidal capstone. There are sockets in the ends of the arms for the attachment of missing terminals. The shaft and cross head are decorated with figures in high relief on the E face, and with low-relief decoration consisting of panels of animal interlace and geometric designs on the other three faces.


d. of base 1.02 m
d. of shaft at base 0.375 m
h. of base 0.5 m
h. of cross 2.77 m
w. of arms 1.02 m
w. of base 1.28 m
w. of shaft at base 0.65 m