Cross, general view.

Image of the feature "Other: Cross" at Fassaroe.

by Roger Stalley.

The base is circular and slightly conical in form. The top surface is flat and it has a mortice to receive the whole of the cross shaft. Facing NW, and projecting from the surface of the base, is a worn human head, carved in the round. The shaft has a straight vertical section, which expands into a circular head. 

On the W face of the cross the carving is recessed below the main surface of the stone. A central cruciform panel contains a figure of the crucified Christ: the arms are horizontal, the hands held out flat; the neck is long and thin, and Christ's head has a pronounced lean to the L; the waist is narrow and there are hints of a loin cloth; the feet are placed close together and may be overlapped. The four quadrants around the crucifixion contain plain sunken panels. The angle of the W face has received a slightly rounded profile.

The E face of the cross head lacks the recessed panels; instead two heads, rather pointed in shape and carved in the round, are located in the centre of the circular field; the S (L) head wears a tall conical mitre, presumably indicating a bishop.  On the S side of the circular cross-head is a further human head, projecting in full relief. Its features have been worn away. There is no evidence for a corresponding head on the N side.


depth of shaft 0.16 m
diameter of base 0.95 m
diameter of head 1.42 m
height of base 0.57 m
height of cross, above base 1.42 m
width of shaft 0.26 m