Head of N doorway.

Image of the feature "Doorways: Blocked N doorway to nave" at Dent.

by Rita Wood.

The round-headed doorway must have been reset, and is blocked. It is of one order and a label. The stone is mostly a granular light grey sandstone, making a contrast with the fabric of the reddish roughly-coursed rubble wall.

The plain continuous order has a moderate chamfer and no bases survive.

The label is chamfered and plain on the inner side; on the vertical face the stones have dentation (that is, zigzag carved on two levels).

There are label-stops in the form of animal masks. These differ: that on the L has its tongue flopping between the teeth; the mask on the R is more like those seen on corbels, with teeth showing on three sides of a squareish mouth. The ears of the creatures are short and not pointed; they are at right-angles to the skull, but are slightly elongated and drawn back, conforming to the plane of the label.


Height (along circumference) of L mask 0.14 m
Height (ditto) of R mask 0.16 m
Height of opening from ground 2.21 m
Label projects from wall surface 0.06 m
Radial width of label 0.13 m
Width of opening 1.205 m