N arcade, capital (2)

Image of the feature "IV. Interior Features: 2. Arcades: c. Nave: N arcade" at Felpham.

by Kathryn Morrison.

Three bays, plain round-headed arches of two orders supported by circular piers with block capitals marking transition to square, chamfered impost blocks.

Capital N1, composed of five blocks, is carved with almond-shaped leaves on the SE, NE and NW angles, and a spade-shaped leaf on the SW.

Capital N2, also composed of five blocks, has narrow angle projections on the SE, SW and NW angles.


Capital N2:
h. 0.185 m - 0.215 m
w. 0.66 m - 0.68 m
Capital N1:
h. 0.185 m - 0.215 m
w. (E face) 0.66 m - 0.69 m