Fawley Court, Fawley, Buckinghamshire

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This report is written entirely from secondary sources as it has not proved possible to gain access to the site despite repeated attempts. The site is a disused chapel, formerly a dairy and garden feature, in the grounds of Fawley Court, some 20 metres NW of the main house. The chapel is of knapped flint and dates to the late-18thc or early-19thc. Reset under a porch in the projecting E front is a 12thc doorway that came from Hart Street, Henley.


The original location of the doorway is uncertain.


Exterior Features


E dairy doorway

The description is based on the engraving from The Henley Guide, the only image seen by the author.

Round headed and of 2 orders.

1st order

Slender nook-shafts on tall plinths with capitals of indeterminate form, carrying hollow chamfered imposts. The arch has an angle roll with 12 bird-beakheads, regularly spaced.

2nd order

Heavy nook-shafts  on tall plinths with capitals, perhaps of the crocket or volute type, the R more elaborate than the L. Imposts are as the 1st order, and the arch appears to have a thin roll flanked by rows of beading or nailhead. There is a label, possibly chamfered on the intrados


There is an illustration of the doorway in the Henley Guide of 1826, with accompanying text reading,

'In Hart Street [Henley] stood a door-way of Saxon architecture, ornamented by columns, the capitals of one of which is far from being inelegant, bearing some little resemblance to the Corinthian order. The arch is richly embellished with receding mouldings, and a row of heads of rather rude workmanship. Here was, probably, some building acting as a cell to one of the numerous endowed houses in the vicinity, and to this it might originally have formed an entrance. About fifteen years since [i.e. c.1810], the house to which it was attached being taken down, this door-way was carefully re-erected at Fawley Court, where it now forms the entrance to the dairy.'

This would place the removal in the period of ownership of Strickland Freeman (d.1821).


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Site Location
Fawley Court, Fawley
National Grid Reference
SU 765 843 
now: Buckinghamshire
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Buckinghamshire
now: Oxford
medieval: Lincoln (Dorchester to 1085)
Type of building/monument
Disused chapel  
Report authors
Ron Baxter 
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