N doorway.

Image of the feature "Doorways: N doorway" at Halford.

by Harry Sunley.

Set under a modern porch, this has two orders with nook columns with a sculptured tympanum. The inner order jambs have modern timbered reveals with false imposts. The engaged shafts of the second order are set on (shared?) engaged block bases. The engaged capitals have cable necking.

The R capital is intricately carved with a bearded figure in a tunic with arms raised, clutching in the right hand a flower or scepter (?), and in the other a stick (?). On each face a curved stem arises from the lower part of the outer edges, meeting at the top of the angle; on the N face, a lion with long tail ending in a volute ascends the stem, and on the W face a griffon ascends the stem. On both faces, under each part of the stem, an inclined fleur-de-lys rises; on the W face rising from grass. The imposts have face rolls with hollow chamfer above to a plain upright with groove and extend both sides into the later porch. The arch is a single order with label; an inner edge roll is surmounted by cable, and a plain face with a central semi-circle of cable. The label is hollow chamfered with a line of billets within. The tympanum, on finer grained whiteish stone, is occupied by a seated angel, from the knees at the lower edge, to the head and wings conforming with the outer periphery. The angel's arms are outstretched, and the hands hold a scrolled ribbon on which is painted: + AVE MARIA GRATIA PLENA DOMINUS TEGUM BENEDICTA TU IN MULIERABUS +. The angel's robes are loosely fitting.


approx. h. of shaft 1.25 m
diam. 0.15 m
h. of capital with necking 0.20 m
h. of capital without necking 0.18 m
h. of impost 0.18 m
w. of aperture 1.24 m
w. of capital 0.18