Chancel arch, block overhead.

Image of the feature "Chancel arch/Apse arches: Chancel arch" at Halford.

by Harry Sunley.

Of two orders, with nook column.

First order: jamb and arch plain on shared plinth with upper chamfer, and shared impost.

Second order: L spherical base mounted on a square block, all plain.

The R base has double roll, the square block under and the adjacent face stonework being chip-carved with saltire crosses. The engaged shafts are monolithic except the L shaft which has a sandstone insert near the top. Cushion capitals with cable necking, the L having non-mirror twin cables rising in the angle to a terminal feature, each face having a triangular feature and mirrored cables rising to the shield. The R capital is similar, but the cabling is missing throughout, terminating in a small volute. The imposts have a lower small roll, quirk, hollow, bead, quirk and small roll, and upright with groove. On the L, the upper face has a saw-tooth frieze, some teeth with inscribed circles; on the R the decoration is diamonds on edge with cable under. The imposts continue as strings courses to the N and S walls, and also extend around the reveal to form an impost on the E side. On the W side, the two-ordered stepped arch has a three-quarter roll in the nook. On the W side, the two-ordered stepped arch has a three-quarter roll in the nook, but is single ordered on the W face. Above the arch is a projecting block, too mutilated to determine what features it might have had.


diam. of shaft 0.165 m
h. of base 0.19 m
h. of capital excl. necking 0.15 m
h. of capital inc. necking 0.17 m
h. of impost 0.17 m
h. of shaft 1.4 m
w. of aperture 2.26 m
w. of base 0.23 m
w. of soffit 0.65 m