Tower, W wall, 3rd storey, sculpted panel No. VII.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Carved panels" at Calverton.

by Simon Kirsop.

Ten small carved sandstone panels are reset in the W wall of the tower, nos. 1-9 at third storey level and no.10 in the ringing chamber at second storey level. From N to S they are:

1. A rectangular panel of a man seated at a trestle table with a flagon, a boar's head, a fowl and one unidentified object. The man is seen in profile, holding a knife in his left hand and drinking from a horn held in his right hand. A bird is perched on the end of the left hand side of the table.

2. A rectangular panel set on its side and divided into two. On the L hand (upper) register is a figure on a horse with a bird on his left raised arm. In the R hand (lower) register is a dog with an object in its mouth.

3. A rectangular panel showing to the L a hooded figure seated on a chair facing to his R holding out a hand and his feet before a fire, a bird and a tree to the R.

4. A nearly square panel of a figure facing to his right holding a knife in his R hand whilst grasping a plant with his L. The plant has three branches with, from the bottom up, two tendrils, a fruit and two leaves.

5. A rectangular panel of a figure hoeing.

6. A square panel of a figure moving to the right brandishing a flail, and in the bottom L of the panel some wheat.

7. A rectangular panel with a hatted figure bending to the R grasping some wheat (?) in his R hand whilst applying a sickle to it with his L hand. In the top L hand of the panel is what appears to be sheaf of wheat.

8. A square panel set on its side with a figure holding aloft a flail and moving to its L (possibly a pair to 6).

9. A nearly square panel showing two figures facing each other, the one on the L brandishing in each hand ball like objects on sticks. The panel is very badly worn having been for many years set into an outside wall and only brought inside fairly recently.

10. A rectangular panel, probably a portion of a larger one, showing a figure with a pole of some sort under his arm, perhaps in the action of digging. The panel is set on its side.


Panel 9:
h. 0.24 m
w. 0.19 m
Panel 10:
h. 0.23 m
w. 0.11 m
Panel 7:
h. 0.20 m
w. 0.26 m
Panel 5:
h. 0.21 m
w. 0.12 m
Panel 4:
h. 0.21 m
w. 0.21 m
Panel 6:
h. 0.18 m
w. 0.21 m
Panel 1:
h. 0.19 m
w. 0.21 m
Panel 8:
h. 0.18 m
w. 0.19 m
Panel 2:
h. 0.19 m
w. 0.32 m
Panel 3:
h. 0.19 m
w. 0.27 m