Font bowl from S

Image of the feature "V. Furnishings: 1. Fonts: Font bowl" at Peterstow.

by Ron Baxter.

Propped against the N interior wall of the chancel is a shallow, slightly convex tub-shaped font bowl. A notice alongside give the informnation that it was returned to the church and placed in the sanctuary at the Patronal Festival in 1954. The bowl is unlined and has a central drain hole. Its shallowness and lack of a rim or staple marks suggests that it has been cut down. There is a radial crack running from the drain hole to the rim. The surface is pebbly, presumably a mortart render coating related to its use during its alienation from the church.


External diameter of bowl at rim 0.71 m
Interior diameter of bowl at rim 0.51 m
Max. height of bowl 0.34 m