E wall, R window, R side

Image of the feature "Windows: E chancel wall, L window" at Ballintober .

by Hazel Gardiner.

L capital: on each face a pair of inward-facing half palmettes frames a second smaller pair which clasp a bowed leaf with a curved row of berries.

R capital: as L.

On the face of the arch, L and R, within the borders of the label are two slender vertical leaves, pointed with raised central vein, these are common to each window.

The imposts have a tiny cavetto. The narrow upright has a deep groove which terminates before reaching the two end leaves. This occurs on each window.

The arch has a keeled angle roll followed on soffit and face with a row of nailhead, a small roll then a double incised line. The chamfered label rests above the double leaves. This continues over all three windows, connecting between them and continuing as a string course.