Image of the feature "IV. Interior Features: 1. Arches: b. Tower/Transept arches: Tower arches" at Ballintober .

by Hazel Gardiner.

Massive, slightly pointed arches spring from decorated corbels. The E arch is slightly more pointed, and for about one metre on either side of the apex, a roll moulding within a concavity extends on soffit and face on the W face of the arch. Each arch has a smaller, square section running along the soffit. On the inside of the crossing each arch has a plain label which terminates next to conical, torch-like projections in the angles, which may have been supports for a tower or vaulting. On the outer side of the crossing only the W arch has a label (damaged). The corbels are so badly damaged (perhaps by fire) that it is very difficult to make out their decoration. They take the form of short, clustered colonettes (a thick half-round central pier flanked by a keeled and then a round pier which merge into one tapering colonette) and are decorated with carved foliage. A chamfered impost lies above, this is very damaged in all cases.

E arch N corbel: this is carved with flat, straight, upward-pointing leaves with thick, sheathed tendrils on either side which terminate in spirals at the top and tapering leaves between. The tapered colonette may have had a small carving at the bottom, a tiny, broken, square surface remains, this appears to be integral with the colonette.

E arch S corbel: similar to S but the details are not as readily visible. Below the colonette is a dragon. (w. 0.28 m, h. 0.12 m)

S arch E corbel: difficult to read. Below the colonette is what could have been a carved surface as E arch N corbel.

S arch W corbel: this has a design of curving half-palmettes with volutes or berries at the base of the leaves. The colonette is missing.

W arch N corbel: difficult to read. The colonette is incomplete.

W arch S corbel: difficult to read. Colonette intact.

N arch W corbel: difficult to read. Clustered stems/reeding above necking may be made out.

N arch E corbel: a repeated pattern of bowed leaves with beading. At the end of the colonette is a small broken square as E arch N corbel.