Nave, N arcade, pier 1, base.

Image of the feature "Nave: N arcade" at Grafton Underwood.

by Ron Baxter.

Three bays, round headed. The arches are of two plain orders to N and S with a double-chamfered label towards the central vessel. Piers are cylindrical and responds attached half-columns for the first order with attached nook-shafts without capitals but with imposts for the second order N and S. Bases have a low roll with a roll necking above.

E respond: The base has been replaced. The first order capital has a roll necking, heavy angle volutes, and a mirror pair of scrolls terminating in trilobed leaves at the top of the main face. There is a flat abacus, then a hollow chamfered impost with a groove halfway up the face. In the second order the change from round to square section at impost level has been managed with pyramidal stops at the tops of the shafts.

Pier 1: The capital and impost are square in plan. The capital has a roll necking and angle volutes, with a pair of similar volutes at the top of each face. Abacus and impost are as the E respond capital.

Pier 2: Capital and impost as pier 1.

W respond: The first order capital follows the design of the pier capitals rather than the E respond. The nave-side nook-shaft has been removed, while that on the aisle side has an impost treated as a capital (i.e. round at the neck and square at the top). This seems preferable to the arrangement at the E end.