Nave, N doorway.

Image of the feature "Doorways: Nave N doorway" at Gisleham.

by Ron Baxter.

The doorway is blocked with brick between the jambs, and the arch has been removed to make way for a 19thc. window. What remains are a pair of detached nook-shafts in sections with their capitals and bases. The E capital is double scalloped, and only the N face projects from the brickwork. The shields are recessed with concentric ridges in relief, following the line of the lower edge. The necking is a plain roll. The W capital is tall and block shaped with a small volute on the angle. Again only the N face is visible and a vertical fillet runs up it from the roll necking to the upper edge. Bases have a bulbous lower part with a chamfer and a roll necking above, and they stand on square chamfered plinths. No measurements were taken as it seems likely that the jamb separation has been changed in the blocking.