S doorway, W arch.

Image of the feature "Doorways: S nave doorway" at Winwick.

by Ron Baxter.

Pointed, of two orders. The 1st order is continuous with an angle roll on double-roll bases with modern chamfered plinths. The 2nd order stands on similar plinths and is continuous with a quirked single-roll order of frontal chevron with a plain roll outside it. Two of the voussoirs are carved on the flat plane outside this roll with a single saltire motif with pellets in the triangular fields. These are the voussoir above the arch springer on the W and the springer itself on the E. The voussoirs in this order appear to have been cut back at the extrados, so that only slightly more than half of the saltire designs survive. The label is chamfered with a quadrant on the extrados.


h of opening 2.45 m
w of opening 1.07 m