Font bowl from NE.

Image of the feature "V. Furnishings: 1. Fonts: " at March.

by Ron Baxter.

At W end of S aisle, an octagonal bowl with chamfered lower rim, cut down from a square one, mounted on a late medieval octagonal stem and base, standing on a broad octagonal modern plinth. The geometric designs of the original bowl remain on the NE, SE, SW and NW faces as described below. The basin is circular and lead lined, and there is a very obvious repair to the W part of the rim. The SW, SE and NE faces of the bowl are each carved with a single, compass-drawn, recessed quatrefoil flower with a circular central boss. An inscribed line encloses the flower, in the form of arcs of a circle in the sections between the petals, which meet the petals some 2/3 of the way out and outline their tips. The NW face is laid out in the same way, but carved so that the enclosing circle is continuous and the petals have no tips. This design resembles a dished Maltese Cross with a central boss, enclosed by an inscribed circle. Traces of further roundel designs, curtailed by the reshaping of the bowl, are to be seen on the NW and SW faces. Originally, therefore, each face of the bowl was carved with three quatrefoil designs.


h. of bowl 0.35 m
int. diam. 0.60 m
overall h. (excl. modern plinth) 1.075 m
w. of bowl (E-W) 0.745 m
w. of bowl (N-S) 0.745 m