N doorway, L side, lowest voussoir

Image of the feature "Doorways: N doorway, Baptistery (reset)" at Faringdon.

by Ron Baxter.

Round headed, of one order.

L jamb, badly worn angle roll and symmetrical designs on inner (W) and outer (N) faces of jamb, consisting of a beaded band forming semicircles with their bases against the angle roll. Between adjacent semicircles is a lozenge. The band runs from the ground to the impost, but is very worn at the bottom. No capital, but an impost with hollow chamfer below a quirked roll, then an upright face carved, on N, with beaded bands forming three squares, the L one empty, the other two with worn flowers.The entire W face and part of the N face is lost.

R jamb, angle roll with a single spiral reed, and symmetrical designs on inner (E) and outer (N) faces of the jamb, of a vertical row of raised semicircular lobes, their bases against the angle roll, and their centres recessed to form horizontal vesicae. Between adjacent lobes is a lozenge (on the E face) or a roundel (on the N).

Imposts of same form as L jamb. Most of the carving on the N face is worn away, but it may have been the same as the E face, which has a fretted sawtooth design. In the arch, fret of a double fat roll with a reed between.

The label is a flat band, chamfered on the inside, with billet on the chamfer. Worn beast-head label stops, a dragon (?) on the L and a lion (?) on the R.


h. of opening 1.90 m (to present sill)
h. of opening 1.97 m (to ground)
w. of opening 1.18 m