Font bowl, from SW

Image of the feature "V. Furnishings: 1. Fonts: " at Ifield.

by Kathryn Morrison.

A square bowl of Sussex marble, circular and lead-lined inside. The sides are plain but a roll is carved around the top edge. The NE and SW corners, and the W side, are damaged. The basin is supported by five columns: one large central shaft and four slender corner shafts with stylised waterleaf capitals with fat neckings and bulbous bases with spurs. The columns stand on three superimposed plinths. The upper plinth is carved from the same piece of Sussex marble as the font while the middle plinth is a separate piece of Sussex marble; the lower plinth, of indeterminate stone, is clearly modern. (Loc: W end of nave, off-set to N)


E and W sides of bowl 0.585 m
h. of bowl 0.23 m
h. of lower plinth 0.23 m
h. of middle plinth 0.16 m
h. of upper plinth, supports and basin 0.87 m
N and S sides of bowl 0.580 m
Total h. of font 1.26 m