Font, from E

Image of the feature "Fonts: " at Fernhurst.

by Kathryn Morrison.

Situated at the W end of the S aisle. The cylindrical bowl and stem are set upon a cylindrical plinth and a modern polygonal plinth. The irregularly formed, lead-lined bowl has a pitted, heavily chiselled surface and tapers outwards. Its rim and base are ringed by plain torus mouldings, the upper one of which is damaged to the SW, possibly due to the removal of a lock. The stem has a slightly smaller diameter than the bowl, and incorporates a shallow off-set, suggestive of an integral plinth. The upper plinth, which is chamfered at the top, is more regular than the bowl and stem and may post-date the 12thc. Surface irregularities, however, argue against a modern date.


circ. at bottom of bowl 2.35 m
circ. at top of bowl 2.39 m
ext. diam. 0.75 m
h. (excl. upper plinth) 0.57 m
h. (incl. upper plinth) 0.90 m
int. diam. 0.51 m