Font, from W

Image of the feature "Fonts: " at Halesowen.

by Ben Read.

Situated under the tower. The font is made of sandstone, but the bowl is paler in colour than the supports. Standing on a square plinth with chamfered angles, the font has a cylindrical stem surrounded by four columns, and a cylindrical bowl with four figures set above the columns, so that from a distance the bowl appears to be square. The central stem has an attic base below a roll and rests on a shallow cylindrical plinth. The columns, also on cylindrical plinths, have bases with a scotia above a torus, plain neckings and flared, multi-scallop capitals; they are eroded, and the column at the NE corner has been replaced. The bowl is decorated with irregular two-stranded interlace in low relief, each side bearing the same design, with one of the strands terminating in a scroll. Down the centre of each strand are two grooves linked by transverse lines, creating a ladder-like effect. The four corner figures are all damaged, the tops of the heads being lost. Those at the NE and SE corners stand and wear vestments, the others are seated and hold books.


diam. of bowl at rim 0.71 m
d. of bowl 0.215 m
h. of E face 0.32 m
h. of N face 0.31 m
h. of S face 0.32 m
h. of W face 0.31 m
w. of E face 0.75 m
w. of N face 0.77 m
w. of S face 0.825 m
w. of W face 0.775 m