Font, general view.

Image of the feature "V. Furnishings: 1. Fonts: Font" at Abbotsham.

by Hazel Gardiner.

Located in the centre of the nave in front of the N doorway.

Chalice-shaped on an octagonal stepped plinth. The base has a thick band of cable moulding above two small rolls. This is followed by a thick, round shaft with a band of nested chevron at the top, alternating roll and hollow. The bowl is fluted and has cable moulding around the rim. There is a slight step on the inner rim.

There are clearly visible vertical toolmarks on the stem, and diagonal ones on the bowl and bands of decoration. A break in the rim has been repaired. Gouges in the rim, where the lid fixings were situated have been filled with lead and large iron nails are embedded in these gouges. There are traces of red pigment on the font. Lead lined. Of grey Devonian stone.


circ. 2.13 m
diam. 0.67 m
d.of bowl 0.24 m
h. of bowl 0.39 m app.
Total h. 0.98 m