S nave, arcade, pier 1, W impost from NW.

Image of the feature "Nave: S arcade" at Eardisley.

by Ron Baxter.

Four bays, round headed. As described in section II above, bay 1 may originally have been an arch to a chancel chapel, but it is here treated as part of the arcade. The arches are plain and unmoulded.

E respond: The respond is chamfered without stops, and carries an impost block similarly chamfered in plan, and with profiles of a quadrant scotia below an angle roll and a short vertical face.

Pier 1, as noted in section II above, is a section of walling supporting the arches of bays 1 and 2 at either end. The E end of the pier is treated as the E respond of the arcade, with unstopped chamfers and an impost of the same plan and profile. At the W end, the angles of the pier are chamfered, with chamfer stops containing relief motifs; a clasped lily at the SW and a worn motif, perhaps similar, at the NW. The impost is similar to those of the responds in profile, but squared in plan to correspond with the stopping of the chamfers on the pier.

Piers 2 and 3 are rectangular in plan, being narrower from E to W than from N to S. All four angles of these piers are chamfered, with carved chamfer stops at the top, and imposts squared in plan, as at the W end of pier 1. All the chamfer stops are decorated with simple foliage scrolls, except as follows:

Pier2, NE chamfer stop: small human head with broad nose and moustache.

Pier 3, NE chamfer stop: lion head set horizontally.

Pier 3, NW chamfer stop: human head set diagonally, with tragic mouth, broad nose, bulging oval eyes and a cap of curly hair. It is distinctive in that the cheeks are recessed with marked nasolabial ridges linked to a jawline beard.

W respond. In form resembling piers 2 and 3 rather than the E respond. The NW chamfer stop is carved with an inverted human head.