S aisle, E window, sill, re-set chip-carved stone.

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Carved fragment" at Eardisley.

by Ron Baxter.

A fragment of a carved slab of local sandstone used as the sill of the E window of the S aisle, of which only a portion is visible because one side is trimmed and the other obscured by the window. The carving consists of the compass-rosette of six flat petals, between which are chip-carved semi-circular fields divided into two 'cells', each containing a pellet. The motif resembles the decoration of the lintels at Bredwardine, Letton and Willersley, the most distant of which, Bredwardine, is only 3.5 miles away. But while the above lintels are covered with sculpture without any plain surface left, the rosette seems to have been the only motif carved on the Eardisley stone. It is impossible to be certain whether the stone was used as a lintel or some other decorative feature. The date, like the other carvings of this group, is c.1120. It was not recorded by the RCHME.


h. 0.22 m
w. 0.61 m