S doorway, R jamb.

Image of the feature "Doorways: S doorway, nave" at Bygrave.

photographer not known.

Of one order, rebuilt. The shape of the arch is distorted. There are no bases, just plain square modern plinths supporting nook shafts. The R shaft appears to be monolithic, The L is in two sections. It is not possible to determine whether the shafts are original or modern replacements. The L capital has not survived. The R capital has rope-moulded necking and is scalloped (three scallops on the S face and two on the E face). The shields are barely evident, but the area above the cones is very tall.

The imposts are chamfered.

The arch has a lintel/tympanum (probably modern) curved to fit the shape of the door. The arch has one thick nook roll.

The doorway is completely covered in cream gloss paint, so detailed observations were not possible.


h. of opening 2.24 m
h. of R capital incl. necking 0.24 m
h. of R capital not incl. necking 0.20 m
w. of opening 1.19 m