Font bowl rim from NW.

Image of the feature "Fonts: (i)" at Haddenham.

photographer not known.

In the N nave aisle, W of the N doorway

The font consists of a tub-shaped sandstone bowl on an octagonal stem with a square step. The bowl has a vertical top band with dragon decoration in relief, and below this it tapers to a lower rim consisting of a thin necking above a fat, projecting roll. The tapered sides are multi-scalloped with no shields and flattened conical wedges between the cones. An alternative description is that it is decorated with half-cones, pointing alternately up and down. The description of the upper band begins at the S, where a pair of affronted dragons face one another at either side of a vertical palmette. Their heads are doglike with elongated snouts, mouths open to show two rows of pointed teeth, almond eyes and long ears laid back. They have front legs with curved feet and wings folded against their bodies. The body and wings of the L dragon are badly worn, but the R is better preserved and has shallow pitting to denote the upper feathers and long grooves for the flights. The scales on the body are shown by wavy vertical reeding. The tips of their tails are spiral with a terminal leaf in the centre, and this design continues as a running scroll with furled-leaf sideshoots. At the NW of the rim, where the two scrolls/tails should meet, is a large area of loss, crudely repaired with dark mortar. The upper surface of the rim is of mortar, rendered flat, and the bowl is lined with lead.


ext. diameter at rim 0.745 m
h. of bowl 0.64 m
h. of bowl and stem 0.94 m
int. diameter at rim 0.545 m