S porch, re-set voussoir 1 (rabbit).

Image of the feature "IV. Interior Features: 5. Interior Decoration: c. Miscellaneous: Voussoir with rabbit" at Badingham.

by Ron Baxter.

Re-set inside the S porch on the W wall is a clunch voussoir with a fat angle roll at the intrados and a raised fillet at the extrados, carved with the head of a rabbit in bold relief. The head is a broad oval and the long, pointed ears, fluted along the central axis, rest their tips on the outer fillet. The eyes are round and bulbous and the snout is carefully carved, with a vertical cleft and a horizontal one for the mouth, the two upper lobes being drilled to represent nostrils and ridges carved to either side for whiskers.


radial h. 0.22 m
w. at extrados 0.21 m
w. at intrados 0.18 m